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Workers’ Compensation

Are you looking for a workers’ compensation plan that protects both your business and your employees without affecting your bottom line?

Avon-Dixon can help!

Avon-Dixon can help you determine the right coverage plan to meet your needs at an affordable rate.   We’ll take the time to make sure your business and your employees are protected, so that you can spend time helping your business to grow. 

Our experienced agents offer customized coverage solutions to protect your business and your employees’ needs, including:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Loss Analysis
  • Fraud and Abuse Monitoring
  • Plan Strategy

Our experienced agents help you better compare the types of workers’ compensation plans available and customize the right policy for your business and your employees, including:

  • Legal Expense Coverage (for inappropriate claims)
  • Out-of-State Injuries
  • State Specific Exceptions
  • Financial Support for Dependents
  • Lost Wages Reimbursement

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